Trade Program

At Alexa Rose, we believe that fashion is ever evolving. The look of today is not necessarily what will be in fashion in say 6 months from now. And if you’re spending your hard earned money, we want you to be firstly pleased with your purchase, but just as important, we want you to be involved with this brand to the extent that you are comfortable to recycle your jewelry. If you no longer wear a certain item, because it’s no longer your style, or you just grew tired of that piece, we would like to introduce you to our trade program.


Here’s how it Works:

If you have owned your piece and they are still in the same conditions as when purchased, simply return it to us for a credit equal to 30% of the original purchase price. This credit will be applied to your account to be used toward a minimum of $350 purchase in the future. It’s as simple as that. To ship your item back we ask that you go to the returns center, type in your order number and email, and follow the instructions to mail your item back to us. We suggest using express or priority mail, or FedEx. Shipping costs will be your responsibility.


What this program means for the environment and your wardrobe:

Your returned jewelry is recycled, and the materials are placed back into the production process so less new materials are needed for new orders. You are helping to reduce extraction of more raw materials from the earth, and that’s a good thing. Additionally, you always have the latest and most fashionable items to enjoy, at a discount! Everyone wins!